Why was I so Scared to Write?

I always wanted to be a writer. I know I’m not a good writer and probably never will be. But like other fledgling writers on Medium, here I come to share my thoughts and experiences.

Thinking of all the times I wanted to write something and never moved past the first few lines. There was always a glass ceiling that prevented me to express myself. Instead of writing something, I’d stare at my laptop’s screens for minutes and hours while not being able to write anything. And, then, there are hundreds of other distractions through dozens of chrome tabs looking for my short attention span.

Today, I finally mustered some courage to write something. I know that probably no one will read but still, it’s a big first step for me in the right direction. I’ll keep writing and hone my skills to convey my thoughts as accurately as possible. Now that I have written something, I’ll try to share something that provides value to my prospective readers. The topics I’ll writing on could be technology, productivity, electrical engineering, sustainability, machine learning, etc.

Thank you very much if you’ve made it this far. Until next time.



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Muhammad Sarwar

Muhammad Sarwar


I’m passionate about technology, grad school, productivity, machine learning, finance, electrical engineering, and life. Follow my blog to read about these.