Setting Goals the SMARTER Way

An effective method to set your short term and long term goals.

Muhammad Sarwar
5 min readJan 20, 2022


How to set SMARTER goals effectively — Medium
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When it comes to chasing our dreams, the only way I know to track our progress is to create milestones. Milestones show us what we accomplish and see how we accomplish even more. If you have stopped to read any of the statistics or articles on goal setting before, you will have read two things.

People without goals are not as successful as they hope to be. People who don’t write down goals are less likely to accomplish them.

What I have Over the last ten years of dream chasing, I have found goals are in the grand picture of seeing your dreams come true. Goals give us momentum to push through the adversity we experience while chasing our dreams.

This year, there was a huge push not to set goals. People were sharing about how terrible they felt last year when they failed to meet their goals or how they never really followed through with achieving them.

So, should we even set goals to see our dreams come true? YES!

The problem for so many people is that they haven’t created goals that will help them succeed.

And their inability to follow through because of fear or poor goal creation holds them back. This was me about ten years ago.

I would set goals at the beginning of the year and never go back and look at them. I would have vague, general ideas of things I wanted to accomplish but never create action steps or plans to achieve anything. This is why goals fail.

SMARTER Goals System

You have probably heard of the SMART goal system. Setting SMART goals is a great system. When I finally got tired of never accomplishing my goals, I learned about it and started to see some of my goals achieved. And then, I learned about the “SMARTER” goal setting.


Let’s start putting some goals together using the SMARTER System. Specific — Sounds pretty simple right? Just write something down that is specific.

The question is: how specifically do I need to be? The answer: the more specific you are, the easier it will be to quantify your results along the way.



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