How to Contact Professors to Get Acceptance Letters for Scholarships

How to convince professors to fund you for master/PhD

Muhammad Sarwar
5 min readMay 6, 2020


Contact Professors to get Acceptance Letters

Hello everyone. Many scholarships make it mandatory to contact professors and get an acceptance letter to apply for the scholarship. For example, DAAD Scholarship, Commonwealth Scholarship, CSC Scholarship, etc. requires that you have an acceptance letter in hand at the time of application. To get an acceptance letter, you must contact professors through email as email is the defacto standard in academic communication. In writing an effective email, you should follow some rules and norms and to make your email impact and fulfil it’s purpose i.e, to get a positive reply for the Professor. Whenever I wrote an email to professors, I was lucky enough to get a reply even if he wouldn’t accept new students.

With my experience, I want to help all those students who are struggling with this issue of NOT GETTING A RESPONSE from professors at all.
Therefore, I am writing down this little guide on HOW TO REACH OUT TO THE PROFESSORS? And I am sure, if anyone who follows it, will be able to get a response.

How to Send Email to Professor and Get a Reply

Whenever you need to contact professors to get consent letters that Professor is willing to supervise you for your graduate studies, bear in mind that Professor is quite busy and normally don’t reply to email outside of their acquaintance circle. So, in order to get a reply, you must write a concise and effective email. Here are some tips for you to write that email.

I am writing down my little guide on HOW TO REACH OUT TO THE PROFESSORS? And I am sure, if anyone follows it, will be able to get a response.

Steps to Write an Effective Email to Contact Professors

Starting with the Subject line

Here you need to think precisely. Do not try writing in general words and in a non-professional way such as Request to read email, master program, Ph.D. program, etc. Also, many professors publish email



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