• Raja Dev

    Raja Dev

    data scientist, engineer, programmer, architect, love to write stories of connecting science to business. like to encourage newcomers and enthusiastic authors.

  • Mazlum Dinar

    Mazlum Dinar

  • Sonia Kahlon

    Sonia Kahlon

    I create self portrait fine art photography and affirmation writings. My images and writings explore the beauty of mental health and addiction recovery

  • Kelley Suzuki

    Kelley Suzuki

    Dog mom who travels, reads and writes. Roadtripwithourdog.com

  • BichoDoMato


    UNIK CONTENT PROMISE • I want to stimulate language learning • Kick off your writing expression • Jolt you for a good chuckle. https://medium.com/bichodomato

  • Adriana Vazquez

    Adriana Vazquez

    Writer, reader, music enthusiast

  • Esosa Agbongiator

    Esosa Agbongiator

    Thought of writing for a long time and just did it | Engineer, Hip pop, Anime, Chess and Comedy fan.

  • Duleendra Shashimal

    Duleendra Shashimal

    DevOps Engineer | 4x AWS Certified

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