Learn how the largest man-made machine (power grid) works

Power System: Basic Structure and Functioning

Electrical Energy is one of the most basic needs for the economic development and progress of a country. Various functions that are vital to present-day living may halt due to the unavailability of electric energy. The energy supply system is called Power System. The role of electricity in the development…

A step by step guide on running a load flow analysis using the industry-standard software ETAP

Load flow analysis using ETAP software — Modeling and Load Flow Analysis of a Small Power System in ETAP

Importance of Load Flow Studies:

Load Flow (or Power Flow Analysis) is one of the most important analyses to be performed on a Power System. Load Flow results help in maintaining the proper operation of a Power System and also to design and extend the existing Power System. Various industry-standard software is used for load…

Perform power grid modeling and simulation through this powerful software

Introduction to ETAP for Power System Modeling & Simulations

Modeling & Simulation software hold great value for Power System Designers. Engineers have to use these softwares all the time to analyze and test their design before actual implementation. Softwares are used for various analyses e.g, cost-benefit analyses, feasibility analysis, protection coordination, etc before deploying the system. Electrical Engineers use…

Earn big bucks after graduating with an electrical engineering degree

Top 10 Electrical Engineering Jobs

Whether you are a recent graduate or currently enrolled in an electrical engineering program, you have to face the pressure of finding and landing your dream job as soon as you graduate. Most of the graduates don’t even know what industry or electrical engineering job role they should expect when…

The results are surprising.

Get rid of bad habits by staying out of comfort zone

Why do we like things that are bad for us? We all know what a bad habit is; Smoking, eating unhealthy foods, and being lazy are all examples of bad habits. Just some of the behaviors we ought to avoid to increase our overall well-being.

Yet a recent study by…

A viable plan for Pakistan to overcome its energy shortage

The solution to Energy Crisis in Pakistan

Energy is part and parcel of every aspect of life and the backbone of a country’s economy. Pakistan is lagging in this area despite rich reserves of raw energy, but there is a dire need for the investment and proper use of these reserves to drive the economy’s wheel. …

Behind the comedy are hidden some valuable lessons

When I started watching Ted Lasso, I didn’t know what all the hype was about. It was like a normal comedy TV show centered around an American guy who coaches a football (soccer) team in Britain without having ever played football (the English football) in his life.

While watching the…

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