Increase your productivity by following these tips

Do you ever find yourself trying to concentrate? And you can’t seem to focus? Why are we so distracted these days? And is technology the root cause of the problem, or is there something deeper going on? …

Reasons why I’m so happy with my decision to join Medium

I have been a visitor of Medium for a long time. I often stumbled across some articles through Google and would visit the website to read some informative blogs.

It kept on for so long. I knew that Medium has a limitation of 3 articles per month for non-members. …

The strategy of reaping huge rewards from small, seemingly insignificant actions

The compound effect is an excellent book by Darren Hardy in the growth and self-development genre. Does the book lay the foundation for understanding how your small choices can end up making enormous impacts on your life?

The Magic Penny

In the book, Darren hardy explains the idea of compound interest using the…

Submit articles at the Writers’ Paradise — Image credit: Author ©

Submission guidelines for publishing in the writer’s paradise

Stop doing two things at once! How to cope with multitasking?

We all do multitasking in one way or another. Some of us try to do school work while watching a TV show while others try to cook while listening to an audiobook.

Biologically, the human brain is designed to do only tasks at a time. Out short-term memory can hold…

Imposter Syndrome or procrastination?

I always wanted to be a writer. I know I’m not a good writer and probably never will be. But like other fledgling writers on Medium, here I come to share my thoughts and experiences.

Thinking of all the times I wanted to write something and never moved past the…

Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

Deep work as described by Cal Newport in his book “Deep Work” is a professional activity performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that pushes your cognitive capabilities to their limit. These efforts create new value, improve your skill, and are hard to replicate.

One to two hours a day…

Useful tips for writing an impressive Fulbright application Study Objective & Personal Statement.

Based on years of experience with Fulbright applicants, the common question we hear from students is: What is the difference between the Fulbright Personal Statement and Study/Research Objective? Both of these are mandatory Fulbright application essays and must be submitted along with the Fulbright application. Also, bear in mind that…

Score high on GRE to win your dream Scholarship

A detailed guide on GRE preparation tips and practice

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test conducted by Educational Testing Council (ETS) and is a mandatory requirement for most of the graduate programs in the United States and Canada. For the Fulbright scholarship application, GRE should be given…

Tips for successful Fulbright grantees

Applications for the Fulbright scholarship usually open in the second week of February each year and the deadline is in June. The application period is a chance for you being an aspiring applicant to polish the application essays, improve on GRE if you haven’t taken yet, and write your application…

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